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puppies Sun Neptun

What do you need before you pick up your puppy?
Sun Neptun recommends:

The basics that you will need for your puppy:

  1. Dog collar
  2. Leash (nylon or leather)
  3. Bowls, one for water, one for food
  4. Dog mat (if the dog is kept indoors, the straw baskets are not recommended), dog house (if kept outside)
  5. Toys - especially designed for dogs
  6. Brush for pelt, claw clippers, clean towel


We recommend to feed the puppy at least 3 times a day up until 8 months old (the daily food portion should be divided into 3 parts). From 8 months to 12 months feed your dog 2 times a day (the daily food portion is divided into 2) and from 12 months on, we recommend to feed once a day. Use only the appropriate puppy food because growth defects that occur due to malnutrition or lacking nutrients cannot be cured later in the dog's adulthood.

The water bowl needs to be always filled with clean water. The need for water is higher among puppies than among adult dogs. It also changes with temperature, physical activity, humidity, and the type of food. If the puppy is fed with dry granulated dog food, the need for water is higher.

Food Improper for Dogs:

Veterinarian care

Puppies from our kennel are 7 weeks old when they can be picked up by the buyer.

Other vaccinations and worm treatment should be followed up at your veterinarian.